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I want to begin a social experiment which has been rattling around in my head for a couple years. it would be called Dutch Treat. Wherein I choose an eating establishment, put out my little Dutch Treat sign, and a stranger comes over and has lunch with me. We talk about anything they want for the duration of the meal and I record the lunch conversation for the purpose of writing a fun ...
Poster by fleeknowsall Jun-20-2014 9:38 AM Views: 1238 Comments: 2
it is so nice to relax. Friends are over hanging out, delicious ribs for dinner last night, mexican omelette for breakfast, going to do some fun eureka stuff is good. front yard is completed. Just trying to figure out what to get for planting. should it be grass? maybe a fruit tree and some herbs? who knows, I just want it to be done
Poster by fleeknowsall May-25-2014 10:01 AM Views: 1223 Comments: 2
Yard work today. If you knew me you would know I don't do yard work. It seems to make so many people happy though, so I thought I would try it. It is true I am sore and my fingers hurt, but it was a great way to vent my frustration and burn some of my rage. I feel peaceful and tired and ready to sleep and do it again tomorrow. Hopefully I can play some Bocce as well. Hope everyone on here is ...
Poster by fleeknowsall May-17-2014 10:31 PM Views: 1232 Comments: 0
1...never be unprepared when setting out to walk a long ways. My thighskin is painful now, and my feet hurt really bad. 2...never run your car out of oil. I did and now instead of a $40.00 oil change, I now have a $1500.00 repair 3...never run your vehicle out of gas, unless you like to walk, and then see number 1 4...never be rude to your boss...unless you like a smaller paycheck, which ...
Poster by fleeknowsall May-16-2014 7:56 PM Views: 1183 Comments: 0
Well not really, I just hate when I advertize for something I want, I get replies, and then poof! Nothing happens. Like if I didn't have proof in my email that the conversation happened, I would think I must have made it up
Poster by fleeknowsall May-15-2014 9:20 PM Views: 1224 Comments: 1
Like color? Love the color black and outlines? Remember follow the lines? Me too. I wish I was an artist.Why don't they get or earn more money? Why are they in the seediest or cheapest part of towns? Why do young people try hide them? Seriously, I want to know! They should stand for something. Is it cheaper to buy and create art on your body, than to buy a picture on the wall. You can take ...
Poster by pkm5151 May-1-2014 8:38 PM Views: 1207 Comments: 0
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