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I want to begin a social experiment which has been rattling around in my head for a couple years. it would be called Dutch Treat. Wherein I choose an eating establishment, put out my little Dutch Treat sign, and a stranger comes over and has lunch with me. We talk about anything they want for the duration of the meal and I record the lunch conversation for the purpose of writing a fun conversation book, using false names, if they want me to.
The goal here is not so much to write something people will read, but to write something real. I performed a dry run in an I.H.O.P. in Sacramento, where I was eating alone, and this woman was also eating alone. I offered to sit with her and she wanted to, so we did. Our conversation was deeply meaningful because it could be. It was like being in outer space, or like stopping time, or some other surreal experience, like a dream. We stole 20 minutes and told truths to each other, freely and without reserve because we could! I don't remember her name, nor would she remember mine, I am sure, however it got me thinking about people and what they may say if they felt completely safe and safe from judgement, or anyone they knew finding out they said it.
Anyway, I want to do this. Going to try soon. Wish me luck

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Good luck! That sounds like an amazing idea, really cool! Too bad you can't get the domain name I wander if you should think of a name and get the domain to have a website to go with this idea?

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into that. I am also working on a name for my jewelry website I am trying to come up with. I make earrings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. It is hard for me to sell them. People are so much more receptive to them if I give them away. The second I mention a cost, they seem so much more reluctant to possess it, even if they just said they love it. I can only assume that they should be sold in a store, where people are intending to spend to begin with. Anyway, always working on something...especially now that I got fired